Legally significant electronic document management from the “cloud”


Legally significant electronic document management from the “cloud”
I.T. Group introduces a unique service in the market – new “cloud” business service for legally significant document management for large, mid-sized and small companies. Tools for online exchange of legally significant documents will enable to considerably increase the efficiency of business processes related to mutual financial settlements between suppliers and customers.

During the recent years, the government has been forming the legal framework for transfer to the legally significant electronic document management system between companies, including exchange of contracts, acts, invoices, etc.

Today, I.T. Group represents a new comprehensive service for the business sector – legally significant electronic document management with the service integration to the current business processes and the corporate systems being used. Implementation of this service allows making the company’s document flow (both internal and external) electronic.

Large companies are offered a comprehensive service for organization of the legally significant electronic document management, including the following:
  • Integration with existing information systems: ERP, CRM, EDMS, etc.
  • Connection to the electronic document management operator
  • Integration of the service for reporting to the Federal Tax Service, the Pension Fund of Russia, the Social Insurance Fund, and the Federal State Statistics Service
  • Issue of electronic keys enabling to involve the existing customer certification authority
  • Consulting on changes in the company’s internal regulations and business processes
Owing to many years expertise in the area of business process management, EDMS, and financial document management, I.T. Co. ensures the highest level of service to corporate customers.

In 2012, mid-sized and small companies will be offered a full-fledged solution for document management in the “cloud” model without the need to implement any additional information systems. The solution is being developed by the affiliate company Unicloud Labs with the support of the Skolkovo Foundation.
In this way, I.T. Co. provides access to legally significant electronic document management to companies of any size offering multiple tools and services depending on the business needs.

The business service is provided by Unicloud, the affiliate company of I.T. Group specializing in provision of cloud services to small and mid-sized enterprises. Kaluga Astral group of companies – one of the major interregional public authority certification centers – became the electronic document management operator. I.T. Co. and Kaluga Astral made a contract on long-term partnership, under which services on legally significant electronic document management will be provided in the part of interaction of business and the government.

“Complete transfer to legally significant electronic document management will enable to significantly increase the efficiency of activities in the entire company owing to the increased speed of the documents transfer, in some cases by thousands times”, said Dmitry Torshin, Manager of Unicloud project. “It is extremely important and, undoubtedly, pleasant that the expenses on the document management will significantly reduce; depending on the company’s kinds of activity they may reduce by 80% of the current rates”.

The seminar “Legally significant electronic document management” held on March 15, 2012 became one of the first steps in the launch of the new I.T. Co. service in the market. More than 50 participants were present at it. Such topics were discussed at the seminar as the main aspects of the legislative execution and the ways of practical implementation of the new plan of electronic interaction for the market participants, including integration of the external document management systems with corporate IT systems.

The seminar showed a high interest of the participants to the legally significant electronic document management between companies and enterprises, regardless of the field, scale and specifics of business processes. Almost all the participants noted a need in such service which is likely to soon become as regular as communication and sending files by e-mail.

Dmitry Voronin, IT Director of the tourist company “Kurortniy Magazin”, said: “Our range includes a great number of facilities in Russia, the CIS and other countries. Documents are exchanged with thousands of suppliers. Sending of each letter to a supplier in another city (almost all suppliers are in other cities) costs several tens of rubles. Delivery in Moscow by courier is not free either. And if we multiply this by thousands of letters, the amount will be high enough. Besides, the speed of delivery to the regions sometimes leaves much to be desired. When working with electronic documents, the location of a supplier or a customer doesn’t matter at all, so there are no additional expenses. External electronic document management will ensure both financial saving and the quality of delivery”.

“It is a known fact that the banking sector is one of the most competitive: speed and efficiency of business processes are the main success factors here. Despite a high level of automation of our activity, some routine operations had to be performed by the regulatory authorities. There is no doubt that the opportunity to transfer to electronic exchange of all documents with external organizations provides new advantages for the business development”, noted Viktor Ryabukhin, Head of Controlling Board of BINBANK Financial Department.

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