The network of Bashneft-Yug filling stations switched to I.T. Oil


The network of Bashneft-Yug filling stations switched to I.T. Oil
I.T. Smart Systems (I.T. Group) performed the project of implementing the system of I.T. Oil oil products sale automation in the network of Ayaks LLC filling stations which is a part of Bashneft-Yug multi-profile group of companies (Rostov-on-Don). The project helped to ensure centralized sales management in all points, activity became transparent through the use of advanced analytical instruments.

The Rostov operator of Bashneft-Yug's fuel and lubricants is a network of 32 filling stations located in the Rostov region and Krasnodar territory. As the company was working on the market, it became clear that the existing system of principal activity automation seriously limits business development. For instance, it was difficult to realize the function of selling associated goods, there was no integrated system of management reporting in the central office, there was no possibility to use the Internet as a channel of communication among local information systems of the filling stations complex.

All these factors led the management of Bashneft-Yug network to the decision to implement a new complex system of oil sales automation. The main aims of the project included: implementation of centralized management of filing stations network functioning, implementation of a developed analytical system, as well as increasing sales of fuel and associated goods through the use of new technologies of workplaces automation. The Customer considered different information systems, and in the end, taking into account the quality and functionality, selected the complex solution of I.T. Oil. The project started in August 2011, and the project realization was entrusted to I.T. Smart Systems.

In the course of the project, the specialists of I.T. Smart Systems implemented the I.T. Oil system and the I.T. Oil Filling Stations Trade System module in the central office and Bashneft-Yug filling stations, which allows efficient sales of fuel and associated goods in the unified information space. They also implemented a system for analysis of filling stations network functioning based on Oracle Business Intelligence Suite Enterprise Edition. BI system made it possible to organize centralized collection and submission of analytical information on the main activities of the company and ensured a better vision and understanding of business for management.

As noted by Andrey Mikhailenko, Head of Programming Department of Bashneft-Yug Group of Companies, “We were very meticulous about choosing a new automated system. It was important to find a solution which would comply not only with current needs but would also contain potential for further development. When we start deploying a card system and a customer loyalty system, the I.T. Oil complex solution will allow us to easily realize new tasks.”

The implementation of the complex system of automation made it possible to ensure centralized management of all the fuel-selling points, which put the control of their functioning on a qualitatively new level. The results of the whole network activity are now processed by the analytics module, which provides an opportunity for the management to make more weighted decisions and, on the whole, raises the degree of business management.

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