Transtek from Krasnodar Controls Fuel Costs with the Help of I.T. Oil


Transtek from Krasnodar Controls Fuel Costs with the Help of I.T. Oil
I.T. Co. Smart Systems (I.T. Group) completed automation of fuel consumption accounting for vehicle fleet owned by carrier Transtek LLC (Krasnodar). During the project implementation, I.T. Oil: Wire Transfers System was adopted, Smart cards were programmed and POS terminals were installed to automate the process of fuel payment at fuel filling stations.

Transtek specializes in long distance trucking, mainly, in South Federal District. The company’s management decided to optimize fuel payment scheme in order to improve fuel costs control, minimize any possible excess expenditures and, in general, achieve transparency of this business process.

It was required to automate fuel payment by the drivers at 10 fuel filling stations located at fixed rote of trucks. Transtek agreed to do mutual business with a number of fuel filling stations - the drivers of the carrier shall fill fuel only at selected fuel filling stations and receive service though new automated operator locations.
Based on the results of market study and search for the most suitable system to solve this task, I.T. Smart Systems proposal turned out to be more attractive by a number of parameters – price, operational reliability and features.

Within two months, I.T. Smart Systems specialists introduced I.T. Oil: Bank Transfers oil product sales automated system module, programmed 500 smart cards and installed 10 POS terminals at fuel filling stations. The unique solution is that wireless cards with Mifare chips are used which may be read by applying the card to the reader without need of direct contact between the card and the terminal. This eliminates possible failure of POS terminal contact group when bank transfer system smart cards are used multiple times.

The solution created helped optimize the company’s fuel costs for heavy load vehicles operation due to strict control over the process. The companies anticipate equipping 10 more local fuel filling stations with the same solution in the future.

“Our mutual business with carrier Transtek has shown new challenges which are most certainly faced by many transport companies. Those are – how to achieve transparent fuel payment processes using modern automation technologies. I believe that this practice may be developed and successfully circulated in the market,” said Alexander Fedin, General Director, I.T. Smart Systems.

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