I.T. Co Retrofits HRM System of Sibirsky Cement


I.T. Co Retrofits HRM System of Sibirsky Cement
I.T. Co. completed retrofitting BOSS-Personnel Manager HRM system in Holding Company Sibirsky Cement. During the project implementation, the earlier installed system version was transferred to a unified Oracle platform; appropriate modifications were made to the software, as well as highly qualified technical support was provided. All these, as it was initially scheduled, helped the customer to form Unified Salary Calculation Center for all holding companies.

Holding Company Sibirsky Cement OJSC, Kemerovo city, is the leader in high quality cement and construction materials production and supply in Siberian Federal District. The company integrates three cement plants (Topkinsky Cement LLC, Krasnoyarsky Cement LLC, and Timlyuisky Cement Plant LLC), network of concrete assets Sibirsky Beton LLC, as well as Volna Works LLC producing chrysotile cement roofing and flat sheets and pipes.

In 2011, Sibirsky Cement specialists continued developing efficient data collection and processing system which allows for operational and precise measurement of the staff performance. For this, the company needed to introduce unified standards and salary regulations for different employees. Moreover, it was required to reduce costs associated with operational receipt of consolidated information related to all companies integrated in the holding. The Unified Salary Calculation Center for all companies integrated in Sibirsky Cement was driven by these tasks. Great preparation including BOSS-Personnel Manager HRM system (software developed by BOSS, Personnel Systems, incorporated in I.T. Group), its transfer to the unified Oracle platform in all divisions preceded the center construction.

One of the difficulties which was faced by I.T. specialists during the project implementation were modifications made to the existing HRM systems. Moreover, the number of such modifications was big, most of them were not documented. To this end, their adaptation to modern system version required great efforts. Finally, this task was solved, and big input was made by design team of the customer. Now, HRM system is operated by more than 40 users.

Management of Sibirsky Cement was able to assess the quality of the works performed, as well as BOSS-Personnel Manager features. Currently, plans are developed for further system upgrading. In particular, possible training module implementation and development, integration of BOSS-Personnel Manager HRM system with access control system, as well as unification of payments calculations policy in all companies integrated in the holding, are considered.

About "Siberian Cement"
Open Joint Stock Holding Company “Siberian Cement” was created in 2004. It is comprised of: OOO (Limited Liability Company) “Topkinsk Cement” (Topky, Keverovo Region); OOO “Krasnoyarsk Cement” (Krasnoyarsk); OOO “Timluyi Cement Plant” (Kamensk, Republic of Buryatia); OOO “Mining Company" (Tatarskiy Klyuch, Republic of Buryatia); OOO “Open cast “Pereval” and Angarsk Cement and Mining Plant managed on principles of parity; OOO “Plant “Volna” (Krasnoyarsk) producing chrysotile cement roofing and flat sheets and pipes; OOO “Siberian Concrete” (the plants in Kemerovo, Novosibirsk, Krasnoyarsk) specializing in production of quality ready-mixed concrete and mortars; OOO “Sibtsemservice” (Kemerovo) – which performs repair and maintenance of equipment, buildings and structures of the holding's cement assets; OOO "ZapSibTsement" (Kemerovo) – sales and logistics company; OOO "KuzbassTransTsement" (Novosibirsk) – operator of its own fleet of specialized railway vehicles.

The holding's annual production capacity is 5,578,000 tons of cement; 500,000 cubic meters of concrete; 12,000,000 square meters of roofing; 3,600,000 square meters of flat sheets and façade boards; 900 km of pipes.

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