I.T. Co. presents a new generation of Zenprise tools for enterprise mobility management


I.T. Co. presents a new generation of Zenprise tools for enterprise mobility management
I.T. Co. Center for Enterprise Mobility, Zenprise's authorized partner at the territory of Russia and CIS, announces the launch of a new version of Zenprise MobileManager 7.0.

Zenprise MobileManager products are intended for creation of a secure infrastructure of enterprise mobile workplaces based on smartphones and tablets integrated in the enterprise IT landscape. A wide range of Zenprise MobileManager functionality makes it a real platform for full-scale mobilization of corporate users, enhancing the efficiency of IT services and specialists' work, as well as ensuring high satisfaction of mobile employees along with the increase of the information security level in the organization.

The new version of Zenprise MobileManager 7.0 has a full range of capabilities and features for support of mobile business, protection of corporate information, simplicity of administration and convenience of mobile users' work.

Support of mobile business
Unique Zenprise MobileManager 7.0 tools for geological control allow to trace enterprise mobile devices via GPS. With these capabilities, IT services can set the permitted territorial boundaries of a mobile work place and apply security measures to those mobile devices which are outside the boundaries of the required location. To ensure protection of corporate information in case of theft or unauthorized access, all important corporate data stored on mobile devices can be deleted.

Samsung SAFE support
With the capabilities of integration with Samsung SAFE devices (Samsung Approved for Enterprise), the companies can transform tablets and smartphones into "specialized" mobile terminals, specifically into mobile devices with the hardest accessibility settings possible and a limited set of business applications.

Data protection and joint work
Now, with the new capabilities of Zenprise MobileManager, corporate users of Android mobile devices get a secure access to data located in Microsoft SharePoint and Office365, and the enhanced functionality of data leak prevention tools for devices running iOS allow to work with documents in a secure mobile container Zenprise.

Simplicity of administration and convenience for mobile users
Zenprise Mobile Manager 7.0 offers a customizable management console, with the use of which administrators can with one click apply different actions, including tracing, distribution of notifications, registration of mobile devices, etc.

With the launch of the new version, MobileManager Zenprise declares its vision of development prospects of MDM solutions aimed at supporting the work of mobile applications in the business environment, protection of mobile content and finding the balance between the IT requirements and usability.

I.T. Co. Center for Enterprise Mobility provides supply, implementation, and integration of Zenprise MobileManager 7.0 into the enterprise IT landscape.
For more information about the product, visit: http://enterprise-mobility.ru/zenprise/

About Zenprise

Zenprise is the leader in the field of safe life cycle management of the use of mobile devices in enterprises. Zenprise solutions protect mobile devices of corporate customers all over the world ensuring compliance, implementation of information security policies and regulations and providing help in the work of IT departments and corporate user support services. Zenprise headquarters is located in the Silicon Valley. For more information, visit: http://www.zenprise.com

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