I.T. Co.: one of Russia's best innovative companies


I.T. Co.: one of Russia's best innovative companies
The TechUspekh rating shows that I.T. Co. is on the list of top ten Russian innovative companies. Russia's first rating of fast-evolving companies is intended to find small and medium-scale Russian companies constituting the elite of Russian innovations business and present them to the wide public, state authorities, and major Russian corporations.

The rating was built up by Russian Ventures Company together with the Fund for Supporting the Development of Small Enterprises in the Field of Science and Technology, the Fund of Infrastructural and Educative Programs of RUSNANO OJSC and the Russian Bank for Small and Medium Enterprises Support OJSC (SME Bank). Russia's Innovative Regions Association acted as a facilitator to the compilation of the rating.

The Expert Board of the TechUspekh rating includes successful innovating entrepreneurs, owners and managers of major innovative enterprises, investors, heads of media and consulting companies involved in promoting and supporting innovative businesses and companies in Russia.

The candidates for a position in the rating should have met certain criteria. In particular, the company had to have been founded and grown during the newest historic period of Russia, i.e., after 1987. Its business should consist in development and commercialization of high-tech products, while the annual turnover generated by sales of its own high-tech products should be at least 100 million rubles. The company should also demonstrate stable positive sales dynamics, sell its own high-tech products in multiple Russian regions and possibly have started expanding further to foreign markets.

I.T. Co. fully meets all those requirements. It was founded in 1990 by Tagir Yapparov and Igor Kasimov, both postgraduates of the Computing Mathematics and Cybernetics Faculty at Moscow State University, and was since the very beginning intended to develop its own products and technologies. Today, I.T. Co. is a multiprofile IT holding offering the whole range of services and solutions for creating, upgrading and supporting corporate information systems, producing a variety of industry-leading software and hardware for the corporate market. The Group is actively investing into research and development, supports promising start-ups, and cooperates with major Russian research centers in high schools and the academic milieu.

"I.T. Co.'s success in innovations is not a coincidence: there is serious work behind it. On the one hand, the executives and top managers of the Group are extremely innovation-oriented. However, this trend for innovation has also an objective element. Corporate information technologies, being the market I.T. Co. is operating on, are undergoing a significant change these days. Most business processes are becoming standardized so the solutions they require are rather standard and "mass production" than unique. At the same time, business development considerations , on the contrary, require truly innovative solutions. These are the requirements that mark these times. The companies that neglect innovations are in risk of losing their markets. Unlike them, innovative companies not only create products and services for the customers but also build their own future," says Boris Slavin, I.T. Co.' Director for Research and Innovation.

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