Business Logic 2.0 switches 2,600 MGTS employees to a new EDMS


Business Logic 2.0 switches 2,600 MGTS employees to a new EDMS
Business Logic 2.0 (I.T. Group) has completed the project for implementing a new version of the electronic document management system called "ESM Logics. EDMS" (previously known as BOSS-Referent) based on the IBM Lotus Notes/Domino platform, at MGTS OJSC. This resulted in optimization of business processes, development of new regulations, much lower expenses for EDMS support; overall, the company's document workflow model has reached a new quality level.

Business Logic 2.0, a part of I.T. Group, announces successful completion of the project for implementation of the "ESM Logics. EDMS" (previously known as BOSS-Referent) project based on the IBM Lotus Notes/Domino platform.

In early 2012, the management of MTGS decided to build a new document workflow model and to migrate to an advanced document support system.

An important reason why the previous EDMS was no longer efficient was also the requirement of the parent company, MTS OJSC, for managing document workflows according to corporate standards. The "ESM Logics. EDMS" (previously known as BOSS-Referent) software, based on the IBM Lotus Notes/Domino platform, is standard within the holding including MGTS. It is also successfully used at Sistema JSFC, Bashneft, and MTS (with over 25,000 employees using the EDMS).

MGTS obtained the latest version of the "ESM Logics. EDMS" solution, covering all present-day trends in the field of corporate content management.

The main purpose of the project was not just implementing a new software but also qualitative changes in the existing document workflows in the company.

"It was our chance to analyze the document workflows, the ways documents move from one unit to another, thus ensuring perfect execution discipline and transparency of document flows within the company", says Viktor Durygin, IT Operations Director at MGTS. "Over 60% of the company's documents are now processed electronically, so the managers now have a new opportunity to control the working processes of 30% of MGTS' employees handling documents. Our investments into the new system are anticipated to pay off within two years."

The project was launched in February 2012 and had to be implemented within a very tight schedule, providing a three-months' term. The following tasks were assigned to MGTS' IT service:
  • reducing support costs
  • developing new regulations complying with MTS OJSC' corporate management system
  • remove functional limitations as to system development
  • implementing a data archivation system
  • migrating data from the previous system into the new EDMS
The customer contracted Business Logic 2.0, the developer of the ESM Logics. EDMS (previously known as BOSS-Referent) system, to implement the project. The customer's main requirement was using the fully packaged products without too much customization, thus ensuring fast commissioning and implementation of the project in due timeframe.

Despite a tight schedule, the work process complied with all the project technologies. First, the specialists of Business Logic 2.0 examined and analyzed the then-current situation in the company's document workflows, and then started adjusting and installing the system and developing reports forms. During the next stage, the EDMS was integrated into the SAP HR staff management system and the Active Directory service; then, they started deploying the system locally.

While implementing the system, the contractor also started training users. A classroom was established within the MTGS training center, and a field training group was created helping local employees to start using the new EDMS. Before the trial launch of the system, the Business Logics 2.0 engineers also had to migrate the data from the existing document workflow system and implement the changes in the Office module to standardize document exchange with Moscow individual customers and authorities.

The EDMS project created 2,600 automated workplaces under the web client technology, implemented VMware-based virtualization and organized cluster-based work, thus significantly cutting down expenses for enabling the EDMS and providing technical support to numerous users.

The ESM Logics. EDMS software contributed to optimizing internal business processes, and developing new regulations for running document workflows at MGTS. Also, lines for continuous document scanning using the barcoding technology were launched, and the mechanism of applying electronic digital signatures in compliance with legally significant electronic document workflow, extremely valuable for the legal service, was also implemented.

"This project was very interesting for the company: not only had we to implement a new system within a tight schedule but also integrate it into corporate systems", says Maria Kamennova, General Director of Business Logics 2.0. "With joint effort, we gained extremely high work rates, we had to learn fast, to get used to the new EDMS during the hottest launching period without prejudice to any current business processes. The project team consisting of MGTS' IT specialists and the best engineers of Business Logic 2.0, successfully switched for a standardized specialized solution allowing for integration, development and easy scalability, thus providing a solid foundation for the customer company's work."

The project now contemplates further optimization of MGTS' document workflows, including significant reduction of paper correspondence, memos, orders, etc., organization of innovations, and formalizing the rules of handling electronic documentation throughout the company.

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