I.T. Co. knows how to take software assets under control


I.T. Co. knows how to take software assets under control
I.T. Co. has launched a new version of a License Management System based on Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager 2012. This is a solution allowing automation of the license management projects for different software and ensure efficient management of such information throughout the lifecycles of the software.

I.T. Co.'s solutions shall enable an IT service to perform efficient inventory of software. The system ensures recognition of over 200,000 applications from almost all significant vendors, and is able to keep record of all the licensing information, including corporate purchases of licenses, storing electronic versions of documents, supporting different complicated licensing schemes (sublicensing and purpose-specific purchasing of software for specific business units), everywhere including major structures with territory distribution. The license management system has a flexible architecture, facilitating its adaptation to the requirements of specific customers and integration into the existing information infrastructure, ensuring data exchange with the applications already in use. All this allows comparing the information about the software installed with information about the availability of licenses in the organization, perform overall and selective analysis, get an idea of the actual situation, and control the situation.

The standard version of the solution already contains a capability for generating over 20 types of reports, both for specific business units and for the whole organization. These may contain information on the licenses purchased, software inventory, license use, license keys, and the results of software identification and categorization. The reports can be used as is, changed according to internal requirements, and loaded into office applications for further processing and analysis.

"Implementing an automated license management system means laying a basis for building a strategy of partnering with key vendors and saving significantly on the processes for software inventory", says Aleksandr Bezhan, Microsoft Business Development Director at I.T. Co. "The planning of IT budgets related to licenses may and should be controlled, because this is the way to eliminate sudden stops of critical business processes because their licenses have expired. Also, evaluating the specific nature and the actual degree of using the licenses purchased allows to reveal additional opportunities to optimize licensing schemes, thus saving much of the company's IT budget in the future."

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