I.T. Co.: 22 years on the IT market


I.T. Co.: 22 years on the IT market
The I.T. Group turned 22 this year. On this very day, November 28, the I.T. Co. company was officially founded, then turning into a multiprofile IT holding, known both in Russia and outside it.

Just like the other ones, last year was a time of important events which played a major role both for I.T. Co. itself and for the whole Russian market. The companies belonging to the group used this time to implement hundreds of projects for customers from all business industries. Also, the group kept developing and transforming its structure. For instance, the creation of a new unit of the group, Business Logic 2.0, on the basis of IT. Information Management and BOSS-Referent, and the launch of a new corporate content management product family called "ESM Logics" (ex BOSS-Referent), are definitely among the most important changes in this area. The most significant events of the year also include the launch of Unicloud Business 365, a cloud system for small and medium businesses, by Unicloud Labs (a Skolkovo resident), and the signing of an investments agreement between RINTECH and the Button of Life (Knopka Zhizni) project specializing in emergency calls facilities ("medical signalling") for seniors and persons with disabilities. Also, I.T. Co. was recognized as one of Russia's top ten innovative companies in the TechUspekh rating.

"Today, I.T. Co. is celebrating its 22nd anniversary. This is a respectable age for the Russian IT market - we are almost as old as it is, - the age of a steadily developing established business with significant experience and expertise, gathered almost all possible awards and titles.

There were only two of us 22 years ago, while today there are almost 2,000 people working for I.T. Co. Much has changed since then, the country is different, the IT market has become larger and stronger, and the technologies of those days look like museum pieces to us today. I.T. Co. has changed itself: the Group consists of different companies and businesses today, including both many years' leaders in their market segments and new companies who are just starting out and contributing to developing tomorrow's technologies. Such integration of different businesses of different age and scale into one group creates a unique atmosphere, giving space both to exquisitely structured business processes and to constant search for new things, large projects and first-time success," says Tagir Yapparov, Chairman of the Board of Directors of I.T. Co., and Igor Kasimov, General Director of I.T. Co.

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