"I.T. Co.: Departmental Systems" shall bring the operation of Moscow STSI into compliance with global standards


"I.T. Co.: Departmental Systems" shall bring the operation of Moscow STSI into compliance with global standards
I.T. Departmental Systems has started implementing a project for deploying the Artos electronic queue system in all major branches of STSI in Moscow providing registration services, giving examinations, and issuing and replacing driving licenses.

The decision to deploy this system globally was taken by the management of the STSI after carefully studying the experience of using it in one of its branches. Since 2011, the system has been used at MOTOTRER (Interdistrict Department of Vehicle Inspection, Registration and Driver Examination) at Pererva street. The results were above any expectations whatsoever. Using the system for several months allowed increasing the transparency of managing working processes and optimizing the unit's internal resources.

As a result, a bid for choosing the contractor for implementing the software and hardware solution tried before into all major STSI offices in Moscow was announced. I.T. Departmental Systems, a member of I.T. Co., won the bid.

In compliance with the state contract, the contractor should supply and install software and hardware suites for electronic queues into 14 STSI offices in Moscow, including specialized software, information terminals, information displays (including display boards, running letters, and monitors), and video surveillance systems intended to detect and preclude waste of property, before spring 2013.

Through its well-established algorithms, the Artos system shall synchronize previous appointments and the FIFO system, creating a single visitor flow. To ensure visitor convenience and to save their time, the system has two options for appointments: for a specific time or to a specific unit. In the first case, the applicant shall be offered a list of units where he/she can be serviced at the time needed, and in the second one, he/she will get a list of "time windows".

Another advantage of electronic registration is that the applicant's information is not first processed after his/her personal visit of the STSI office but just after registration, as soon as the information appears in the system. This allows for processing more applications, more efficient work of the inspectors, and increased capacity of the offices. Also, the electronic queues ensure transparency of the inspectors' activities, provide more control of their work and efficiency, prevent illegal operations and thus seriously affects shadow structures building their business on the lack of transparency in their operations and the fact that the applicants are not sufficiently informed.

Overall, the use of state-of-the-art technologies is a way to keep up with unified standards of customer service across all the STSI offices, thus getting closer to global standards and a civilized quality level of providing services to drivers.

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