I.T. Group joined by Information Strategies and Systems


I.T. Group joined by Information Strategies and Systems
Information Strategies and Systems (ISS) is now a member of I.T. Group. The key objective of the capital investment in ISS is to strengthen I.T. Group's expertise in enterprise systems of IT service management (ITSM) and develop domestic import-substituting products.

ISS has been operating in the Russian market since 2003 and focuses on services in IT management, such as: designing, developing and implementing ITSM management systems, ITIL process management systems, operations automation systems, etc.

Oleg Krupenko, General Director of ISS, explains: "Currently, our engineers are working on a domestic management platform based on both open-source systems and OEM solutions from leading international vendors. ISS's mid-2016 plan is to release a solution for the corporate sector, which can monitor and manage an IT infrastructure, and automate basic service quality management processes. With its considerable technology competencies, ample customer portfolio, and invaluable experience of creating and marketing unrivaled solutions, I.T. Group is confident that the domestic solution which it is developing will meet the highest quality standards and be in demand in various Russian economic sectors."

Tagir Yapparov, Chairman of the Board of Directors, I.T. Group, says: "Enterprise information resources are increasingly made use of not only as a key corporate asset, but as a crucial tool for business development in today's digital era. Today, those who can efficiently manage their IT can efficiently manage their business. With this understanding, many of our major customers are starting to pay more attention to ITSM systems and their optimization. ISS as a member of I.T. Group will help us to offer Russian customers one of the industry's best expert teams, and in the near future I hope we will launch excellent domestic tools for integrated IT management."

About ISS
ISS (Information Systems and Strategies) was founded in 2003 and now the Company focuses on the SW systems development and integration for corporate customers. The Company's key expertise areas are:
  • designing IT management systems, and IT maintenance systems
  • developing business continuity plans, and implementing disaster-tolerant solutions for critical business systems
  • building IT infrastructure solutions of any complexity and reliability levels for business applications, data storage systems, and enterprise cloud infrastructures
  • developing enterprise content management tools for Internet/Intranet systems, and developing portal solutions
For more information please visit the website: http://www.infsys.ru/

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