Russian IT leaders announce the launch of an integrated solution for secure mobile workstations


Russian IT leaders announce the launch of an integrated solution for secure mobile workstations
September 30, 2015, Moscow – At a press conference, InfoTeCS, MobilityLab (a member of I.T. Group) and Research Institute for Complex Security Systems (RISMCS) introduced WorksPad PROTECTED, a joint integrated solution for secure mobile workstations to be used by corporate customers. WorksPad PROTECTED is based on the products developed by Russian leading companies in enterprise mobility. This makes the solution fully independent of imported components and draws interest of potential government and business customers which are seeking to ensure reliable and secure mobile operations of their employees.

WorksPad PROTECTED can be leveraged to quickly and easily create secure mobile workstations for any number of users, safely transmit data, arrange secure access to a company's resources and efficiently carry out confidential negotiations. WorksPad PROTECTED is complete with three seamlessly blended products by MobilityLab, InfoTeCS and RISMCS, namely:
  • WorksPad, an integrated workstation
  • ViPNet, a secure trusted environment for data transmission via public and dedicated channels
  • SafePhone, an MDM system to operate the mobile device and protect information processed or stored in it
Being initially focused on Russian customers and making use of their extensive competencies, the consortium members created a truly innovative solution which is unique to the domestic market. In addition to the remarkable synergies achieved through WorksPad PROTECTED, it will ensure actual cost savings which, based on the project scale and complexity, can amount to up to 20% compared to market prices of individual components.

"The corporate mobility market has been demonstrating impressive growth over the past 3 or 4 years," Sergey Orlik, CEO MobilityLab, said. "However, the consumer mobile environment and cloud services are extremely vulnerable to malicious attacks and this is a cause for considerable concern already at the nation-wide level. In this context, a single overall solution combined from three domestic software products meets the relevant needs of Russian customers in public and commercial sectors to the fullest extent possible."

The arrival of WorksPad PROTECTED was determined by the existing market demand. Several pilot projects have been launched so far. Their details will be announced later. MobilityLab, InfoTeCS and RISMCS are intended to promote this solution both individually and as part of their collaborative strategy. The new product will be offered by system integrators which are partners of the three WorksPad PROTECTED developers.

About InfoTeCS (http://infotecs.ru)
InfoTeCS is a leading Russian IT company in software and hardware/firmware VPN solutions and data protection tools for TCP/IP networks. The Company was founded back in 1989 and registered in 1991 as one of the first Russian joint-stock companies. The ViPNet technology developed by the Company has proved itself to be a perfect solution for large-scale federal projects and in fact, become an industry standard in certified protection of confidential data.

About RISMCS (http://www.niisokb.ru)
The Research Institute for Complex Security Systems is a system integrator which dedicates itself to providing integrated security through the widest service portfolio ranging from customer facilities surveys and threat assessments to deployment, service and maintenance of security systems. The Company's value propositions also includes consulting and certification services. RISMCS is a developer and provider of a comprehensive MDM solution – SafePhone for mobile workstations protection applications.

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