I.T. Co. launches a new Virtual Office for Rostelecom


I.T. Co. launches a new Virtual Office for Rostelecom
I.T. Co. has developed for the benefit of Rostelecom a multi-tenant solution to provide a broad range of B2B services based on the National Cloud Platform. The project included the development of a uniform service management panel which formed the basis for the improved Virtual Office.

The National Cloud Platform operated by Rostelecom is a suite of integrated information systems intended to render services based on a cloud computing model to government agencies at different levels, local self-governing authorities, commercial firms and individuals.

Currently, the Virtual Office values include a combined use of the corporate e-mail system, internal corporate web-portal, corporate directory service and corporate unified communications service (audio- and video-conferencing, chats, etc.). These functionalities are implemented based on Microsoft products, such as Active Directory 2012, Exchange Server 2013, SharePoint 2013 and Lync 2013. The multi-tenant B2B solution developed by the I.T. Co. team is useful in management applications related to the above tools. The control panel provides a customizable service selection system, integration with pre-billing and ordering systems of the operator, user management, etc. The panel is accessible from both desktops and mobile devices based on the Windows, iOS and Android platforms.

The new multi-tenant solution developed by I.T. Co. makes it possible to utilize a single server installation to arrange the isolated operation of different customers (tenants) in the way as if they used their own infrastructures. Moreover, the newly developed single control panel simplifies the service configuration and administration procedure. In the enhanced version of Virtual Office, the procedure for the initial service setup has become much faster. The control panel is fully accessible for the customer's administrator to operate user accounts, control access to the services, manage advanced settings, view a variety of statistical data, etc.

Virtual Office is implemented at two geographically dispersed Rostelecom sites, namely in Moscow and Novosibirsk data centers, to improve the service's general disaster tolerance. The settings are designed to ensure mandatory duplication of all customer data. All these features ensure that the data are safe and continuously accessible.

"Certainly, the launch of the updated Virtual Office service is very important for our existing and prospective customers," Olga Rumiantseva, the Vice-President, Rostelecom Corporate and Government Segments, said. "The advantages for Russian organizations, which want to enjoy high-quality cloud services and will become our customers, are to name a few, lower ownership costs, guaranteed data location in Russia and complete localization."

"The multi-tenant solution developed as part the project is a high-tech Russian product that has been already appreciated by the customer and its clients – users of the National Cloud Platform. The I.T. Co.'s product is a convenient and, most importantly, efficient tool for management of cloud-based B2B services. We can see that such solutions are attractive for operators and providers, as well as for large companies. That's why we intend to continue investments in its development," Tagir Yapparov, Chairman of the Board of Directors of I.T. Group, added.

About PJSC Rostelecom
PJSC Rostelecom (www.rostelecom.ru) is one of the biggest national telecommunications companies in Russia and Europe with a footprint in each segment of the telecommunications services market and coverage of millions of households in Russia. 
The Company holds a leading position on the Russian broadband and pay TV markets, with over 11.2 million fixed-line broadband subscribers and more than 8.1 million pay TV customers, of which more than 2.9 million use the unique nationwide “Interactive TV” product.
Rostelecom is a confident leader of the market of telecommunication services for Russian public authorities and corporate users of all levels.
The Company is a recognized technology leader in innovative solutions in the fields such as E-government, cloud computing, healthcare, education, security, and utility services.
The Company's robust financial standing is confirmed by the BBB- credit ratings from Fitch Ratings and BB+ from Standard&Poor’s.
For more information please visit the website: http://www.rostelecom.ru/

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