Rosatom's top managers can now benefit from WorksPad, a Russian solution for tablets


Rosatom's top managers can now benefit from WorksPad, a Russian solution for tablets
Senior officers in Rosatom State Atomic Energy Corporation have started using the WorksPad system – a Russian product which helps convert iOS and Android-based tablets into fully-featured corporate mobile workstations. The project to provide mobile workstations for Rosatom's management was delivered by the I.T. Co Corporate Mobility Center together with Greenatom CJSC, a shared services center for Rosatom State Corporation.

Rosatom State Corporation encompasses over 360 nuclear enterprises in various Russian regions. The efficient decision-making process in organizations of such scale requires guaranteed secure remote access to corporate information. For this reason, Rosatom's management decided to move to mobile applications, including those able to support operational meetings of top managers. As it considered a number of different alternatives, Rosatom's IT Department opted for WorksPad, an innovative solution for mobile corporate workstations (designed by MobilityLab, a member of IT Group and a Skolkovo resident). 

WorksPad offers convenient and safe handling of corporate files at any time and place. This solution was favored by the customer thanks to its wide functionalities, user-friendly control and resource-saving possibilities. Specifically, earlier meetings by Rosatom's top management involved extensive paperwork as it was required to print out complete document packs for each participant. The implemented WorksPad system considerably reduced both time and material inputs required to prepare and hold the meetings. Now the speakers can upload the required documents to special meeting folders reached by all attendees from personal mobile devices via a dedicated access line. The solution supports simultaneous work with multiple electronic documents, provides convenient navigation, and makes it possible to edit and annotate files. In addition, it draws reports at the end of each meeting and maintains archives. The materials are safely accessible at a later time.

Currently, all division leaders in Rosatom actively use WorksPad installed on their tablets.

About Rosatom State Corporation
Rosatom State Atomic Energy Corporation is a Russian state-owned group of companies, which brings together more than 360 nuclear enterprises. Rosatom comprises all Russian civilian nuclear companies, enterprises in the nuclear defense sector, R&D organizations and the nuclear icebreaker fleet.

The State Corporation is one of the global nuclear leaders, and is the world's second largest company in uranium reserves, fifth largest in uranium production, and forth largest in nuclear power generation; it holds 40% of the global uranium enrichment market and 17% of the nuclear fuel market.

Rosatom is a non-commercial organization which aims to develop the nuclear power sector and nuclear fuel circle companies, as well as perform functions delegated by the state, such as ensuring national security (nuclear deterrence), nuclear and radiation safety, and promoting the applied and fundamental science. The State Corporation is also authorized by the state to fulfill Russia's international obligations in nuclear power utilization and nuclear materials non-proliferation.

For more information please visit the website: http://www.rosatom.ru/

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