I.T. Co. brings the IT infrastructure of Mosvodokanal JSC to a uniform standard


I.T. Co. brings the IT infrastructure of Mosvodokanal JSC to a uniform standard
I.T. Co. has completed the project entitled Delivery of the Unified IT Infrastructure for Mosvodokanal JSC. The project, intended to centralize corporate services, improve their resilience, unify and standardize IT facilities, responded to the main challenge — providing each Mosvodokanal JSC employee with a functional and flexible operating platform with all required user services in place.

Mosvodokanal JSC offers water supply and disposal services to more than 15 million people living in Moscow and the Moscow region, which is about 10% of the country's entire population. The utility's efficient operation greatly relies on up-to-date information technologies.

The construction of the uniform IT infrastructure at Mosvodokanal JSC was preceded by a pilot project implemented several years ago. It comprised the deployment of a directories service based on Microsoft Active Directory, as well as Microsoft Lync 2010 and Microsoft Exchange 2010 solutions for about 500 company employees, mostly managers and technical personnel. The implemented pilot project demonstrated a wide range of opportunities provided by Microsoft communication systems. The functionality proved its benefits and, it was then decided to extend it to all corporate users and create a unified platform. In addition, there was a need for remote user access using mobile devices.

Late in 2013, a design was finalized for the unified IT infrastructure which included the following components: unified directory service, unified mail service, and unified communications.
The next important stage was to introduce the core of the future system in the main and backup data centers to ensure failure tolerance of the solution. Afterward, all sites were migrated to the new directory service, new Microsoft Exchange 2013 mail system, and new unified communications service based on Microsoft Lync Server 2013 which, in turn, was integrated with the Cisco and Skype video-conferencing systems. Currently, the system covers 5 thousand automated workstations.

This project has made it possible to take the internal communication at Mosvodokanal JSC to a new higher level thanks to Microsoft Exchange Server state-of-the-art technology (above all, its calendar planning capabilities), instant messaging, video calling, content sharing, and meeting and webinar possibilities. Moreover, the developed centralized solution has enabled control over all communications, both in terms of corporate compliance and data security.

The solutions leveraged across the project are rather typical. As the cutting-edge Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 and Microsoft Lync Server 2013 products were introduced, 80% of workstations had outdated Outlook versions installed on them, which were not supported by the new mail system. All mail clients as part of the project were promptly updated and connected to the new system. This was one of the most time-consuming tasks in the project. Another difficulty was posed by the specificity of the legacy infrastructure, as the unified IT infrastructure included data transferred from 42 domains located at 50 sites.

About Mosvodokanal JSC
Mosvodokanal JSC is Russia's biggest water utility company which provides water supply and disposal services to more than 15 million residents in Moscow and the Moscow region, which accounts for about 10% of the country's entire population. Mosvodokanal JSC is the absolute leader in the domestic water supply and wastewater network operations – the number of its corporate customers is over 53 thousands consumers. The Company supplies the Moscow metropolitan area with drinking water which meets both domestic norms and the most stringent international standards. This is confirmed by the international survey into water service companies held by the European Benchmarking Co-operation (EBC) together with the International Water Association (IWA). Cold-water supply tariffs in Moscow are 2 or 3 times lower than those adopted in developed economies.

The Company is a recognized technology leader which broadly introduces innovations in its operations. Mosvodokanal JSC fully discontinued the use of liquid chlorine for drinking water disinfection and replaced it with a safe sodium hypochlorite solution. Moscow-based water treatment plants are equipped with Russia's largest ozonic sorption filer units and a membrane filtering system. Moscow boasts one of the world's lowest percentages in network water losses – less than 9%. At its Kurianovskie treatment facility, Mosvodokanal JSC operates the world's biggest UF wastewater disinfection plant with a capacity of 3 million cubic meters per day.

For more information please visit the website: http://www.mosvodokanal.ru/ 

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