WorksPad Now Supports Android 5


WorksPad Now Supports Android 5
MobilitiLab LLC announces that WorksPad, a mobile workplace, is now compatible with the latest versions of Android 5.x Lollipop, which are being actively distributed on new mobile devices. WorksPad mobile clients are now adapted to run on all popular tablets and smartphones, including phablets.

Some of the historical issues which manufacturers of Android-based mobile devices have had to deal with are fragmentation, serious lagging and often unavailable current updates for the operating system. A huge number of various screen resolutions and the introduction of an entire category of devices, phablets, which are smartphones with screen sizes of about 6" (almost comparable to those of tablets), result in delayed releases and adaptations of apps, especially in enterprise segment.

"We still can witness some recognized IT companies release product versions that do not consider large screens and tablets, and so they "stretch" the smartphone interface with its functional limitations even on a 10-inch tablet, which makes it impossible to take full advantage of modern mobile devices," Sergey Orlik, CEO, MobilityLab, says. 

The concept of WorksPad, as an integrated mobile workplace, is that all key functionalities required for daily workflows of business users (mail, calendar, corporate address book and contacts, access to shared enterprise folders, file manager, file editor of office formats, and tools for paperless meetings) are merged into a single application. This helps boost productivity and provide a secure separation of business information and personal data.

MobilitiLab has adjusted WorksPad for the form-factor of devices running Android 5.x, based on specific scenarios of simultaneous work with documents, email and the editor of office format documents.

"The on-board support for integrated work with corporate email, files, and document libraries is highly beneficial for information employees as they now can maximize the use of their smartphones and tablets right "on the move". Get an archive via email with attached documents, unzip it, open and edit the document, then send the updated version in the shared workspace in the SharePoint document library – all this can be done in one application. In the normal "consumer" world of Dropbox, Gmail, Word, this operations would want to use an average of 4 to 6 apps with no chance to protect the organization's perimeter from uncontrolled leaks," Sergey Orlik added.

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