PSS.Platforma: Self-service is easy!


PSS.Platforma: Self-service is easy!
Progressive Self-Service Systems, an I.T. Group company, announces the release of PSS.Platforma, a software solution to manage and administer the fleet of self-service machines. The product features impressive functional and customization capabilities to be used with a variety of devices, which makes it perfectly suitable for high quality and cost efficient self-service offerings in a wide array of business activities.

PSS.Platforma’s functionalities include the entire range of operations provided in the self-service points, such as accepting and giving out cash, carrying our non-cash transactions, making user identification, generating reports, and other services. This turns the software product into a versatile application to be run on self-service machines in various business areas, such as buying goods or services, obtaining electronic access to personal accounts, electronic registration, subscribing to services and others.

Client-server architecture is at the heart of the software. The platform consists of the following modules:

  • The Preprocessing server software is designed to process payment and technical information from self-service machines, produce various reports, and provide ample opportunities to integrate with external information systems and service providers
  • The Client software is installed on a self-service machine to control hardware and execute various business scenarios of interaction with end users – service consumers, internal and external services of trade or service companies, which ensure smooth provision of the services

PSS.Platforma is now a basis for a number of turnkey solutions such as Avtokassa (Automated Cash Machine), Elektronny katalog (Electronic Catalog), Prodazha biletov. Transport (Ticketing. Transport), Prodazha biletov. Mesta massovogo otdykha (Ticketing. Recreation facilities) and Avtomatizirovannaya depositnaya mashina (Automated Deposit Machine). Progressive Self-Service Systems is intended to expand the list in the future. 

The company has plans to continue improving the platform it has created. It will soon introduce a functionality which automates receiving and installing software updates, add new features for financial and technical monitoring, and increase the number of gateways to payment integrators (OSMP, Cyberplat, Rapida). In addition, it will extend the spectrum of supported hardware.
“Be adopting advanced technology, self-service systems are becoming increasingly attractive and are widely used to automate various processes in virtually all areas of business. This makes us confident that the platform we have developed will be highly marketable, because the need for it has long been overdue,” says Ilya Knyazev, General Director of Progressive Self-Service Systems. “PSS.Platforma will enable our customers to deploy a full-fledged self-service product with a minimum budget and within a week, and it means the solution will make this task easier and more affordable.”

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