New approach to top management meetings at Norilsk Nikel with MobileSputnik solution


New approach to top management meetings at Norilsk Nikel with MobileSputnik solution
I.T. Co. Corporate Mobility Center specialists have implemented MobileSputnik solution for Norilsk Nikel MMC. This solution enabled iPad tablets used by the client to become effective tools for top management cooperation. Particularly, MobileSputnik is used to hold board meetings and other top management meetings, providing comfortable, effective and secure communication and data management.

Norilsk Nikel MMC is the world's largest nickel and palladium manufacturer, as well as one of the largest for copper and platinum. The group operates in 5 countries: Russia, Finland, Australia, Botswana and RSA.

To support board meetings and to increase efficiency of the top management, as well as to comply with modern requirements, the client had to establish secure remote access to corporate data. Norilsk Nikel MMC management decided to introduce the technology to allow for meetings without using any paper media and to provide seamless access to meeting documentation from tablets for the top management, including regional managers attending the meetings.

After analyzing the market for a solution meeting the requirements, the client had chosen MobileSputnik, an innovative solution for enterprise-level remote workspace organization by Skolkovo resident MobilityLab, a member of I.T. Group.

Mobile devices with proper software not only simplifies meetings by enabling simple viewing and managing of documentation, but also decreases organizational efforts. Mobile devices with access to the documentation are handed out to the participants. This way, organizers don't have to print out numerous paper copies of documentation, and participants don't have to bring their own devices.

MobileSputnik wide functionality is aimed to increase mobile productivity. The solution supports simultaneous work with numerous digital documents of various formats, provides intuitive navigation between them, enables editing and annotation, copying, renaming, moving and synchronization, providing full functionality for documentation management during a meeting.

MobileSputnik is completely integrated into enterprise IT landscape. When accessed from a mobile device, documents do not leave the application container, so the business information always stays secure.

"During the first weeks of operation, the solution had already proven itself to be an effective tool for meeting organization and hosting, with seamless access and simultaneous work with multiple documents, simplifying the process and saving time on preparation. With this solution, the meetings certainly became more effective. After MobileSputnik implementation in the HQ, the system is planned to be deployed in the branch offices to enable single meeting format that the top management is already used to. MobileSputnik tablets became a full-fledged next generation tool" – comments Viktor Aristov, Head of IT Provisions.

"We are happy that our solution is recognized by top management of a leading Russian company. Indeed, holding meetings is one of the popular scenarios for the solution. Thus, support for collaboration and communication is one of the major directions of its further development. Particularly, we've developed and are optimizing screen sharing and Wi-Fi file transfer between different devices, so that users could host presentations and exchange data more easily." – says Sergey Orlik, CEO, MobilityLab.

About Norilsk Nikel Group
Norilsk Nikel Group is the world's largest nickel and palladium manufacturer, as well as one of the largest for copper and platinum. The company also produces cobalt, rhodium, silver, gold, iridium, ruthenium, selenium, tellurium and sulfur. The group operations are focused on: prospecting, exploration, mining and processing of minerals, production, marketing and sale of base and precious metals.
The group operates on 3 continents – Europe, Australia and Africa, and in 5 countries – Russia, Finland, Australia, Botswana and RSA. In Russia, main production departments of the group are the following vertically integrated units: Polar Division of JSC MMC Norilsk Nikel, JSC Kola Mining and Metallurgical Company.
For more information visit the website: http://www.nornik.ru/ 

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