Logika BPM adapts Australian Kapsch TrafficCom company's business processes to Russian market


Logika BPM adapts Australian Kapsch TrafficCom company's business processes to Russian market
Logika BPM consulting company (I.T. Group) had executed a project on description of Russian branch of Kapsch TrafficCom Russia and implementation of internal control system. The project enabled adaptation of world's best experiences of Kapsch TrafficCom to Russian market.

Kapsch TrafficCom International develops intellectual transporting systems used for road toll collection, security and traffic management in urban environment. The company operates worldwide and employs over 3300 people.

Kapsch TrafficCom headquarters operations are standardized and regulated in various key aspects. Yet, not every international standard can be directly applied in Russian environment efficiently. This is why the majority of business processes developed at Kapsch TrafficCom HQ have to be adapted to comply with Russian law regulations and business principles.

Russian consulting company Logika BPM, an expert in organizational project management, was invited to carry out the project on Kapsch TrafficCom business processes development and implementation of internal control system.

The project included development of the register for Kapsch TrafficCom Russia business process specification up to level 3 (about 300 business processes in total), with controlling procedures developed and distributed among them.

Special attention was given to declaration of key processes, such as "Preparation of technical solution of a project", "Preparation of commercial offer", "Project development request, work request", all completed in concordance with Kapsch TrafficCom Russia international standards.

As a result, Kapsch TrafficCom Russia was provided with the register of all business projects, a system for their control in form of a control matrix, and the declaration for 4 key business processes, developed using world's best practices, adapted to Russian market.

"Regulation of activities and standardization of business processes affect company productivity considerably," says Boris Borisov, CEO, Kapsch TrafficCom Russia. "Development of process management and process control system carried out by Logika BPM specialists enables us to work more efficiently on Russian market while utilizing world's best practices."

"The process foundation for Capsch TrafficCom in Russia is laid," – says Maria Kamennova, CEO, Logika BPM. "Russian clients can be assured that Kapsch TrafficCom Russia will be able to carry out their ITS projects with maximum efficiency."

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