History of homeland IT in the new book by I.T. Co.


History of homeland IT in the new book by I.T. Co.
At the New Year's eve, a new book was released: "The Pages of Homeland IT History". It is a collaborative non-commercial project by I.T. Group and Virtual Computer Museum.

This is a book about the development of homeland informatics and computation in 1940-1980s, about the people who stood at the foundation of Russian IT market, about those who created first Soviet ECMs and unique information systems.

The book speaks of three main elements of the history of homeland IT — the people who shaped it, the first machines and the most advanced systems. The first section of the book contains 22 biographies of the most outstanding scientists and engineers, the second part covers first, second and third generation computers themselves. Lastly, the third segment is dedicated to one of the top homeland software projects, the Automated System for Banking Data Procession. In the end of the book, there is the Calendar of Computer Events, a chronology of IT projects in our country.

"We hope that this book will draw attention to the history of our computer science and technology, provide the directions required for non-biased estimation of its development, and, most importantly, introduce the people whose dedication to the industry is highly admirable" – said Eduard Proydakov, head of Virtual Computer Museum.

"The Pages of Homeland IT History does not claim historical completeness or absolute accuracy. Its goal is, by representing IT industry through subjective views by different people, with the majority of them being IT pioneers themselves, to create the unique feeling of participation in development of science and technology of the very recent past" – added Tagir Yapparov, Chairman of the Board, I.T. Group. "I am sure that the book will be popular with a wide range of IT specialists interested in the history of homeland science and technology. I hope that the very fact of its release will be a sign of our deepest gratitude to the people who, even during the hardest of times, with their work, talent, dedication and fascination have built a strong foundation that Russian IT industry is built upon."

Digital version of the book is available under the Books section.

About Virtual Computer Museum
Virtual Computer Museum is a non-commercial culturological project open to public. The project united veterans of homeland IT and, due to their efforts, became the largest museum in Russia and earned worldwide renown. Plentiful collection of Virtual Computer Museum includes numerous pieces, from pre-computer era calculations to modern computers. Exhibitions cover history of computation in USSR and abroad, history of software, history of computer games and much more. For more information visit the website: http://www.computer-museum.ru/

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