I.T. Co. Is One of the Three Prise Winners at InterComm 2014


I.T. Co. Is One of the Three Prise Winners at InterComm 2014
At the grand ceremony of InterComm 2014 Awards, I.T. Co. won a prestigious HP award in internal communications by presenting a project for "Unique Approach" nomination. In this nomination, the projects are judged for their innovative approach to complex challenges. 

Not for nothing was the project called "I.T. Olympics". During 2013-2014, I.T. Co was faced with an ambitious challenge – realization of a number of huge projects at Olympic objects in Sochi. The projects required maximal efforts, pursuing the goal with high speed and quality. During this hard period, it was imperative to design and develop winning attitude among I.T. Co. employees, to unite the team, to support the employees and their families via unified strategy and concept controlling every corporate HR activity. This became the key goal of the internal communications development program "I.T. Olympics".

Just as any other Olympics, I.T. Olympics had all the attributes required: The mascot, the Olympic House. The Olympic Rings of I.T. were five key directions of HR management: 
  • Olympic volunteers – this direction incorporated charity projects and corporate volunteering 
  • Olympic reserve – events in support of family values
  • Masters of achievements – support and honoring of "the champions", outstanding I.T. Co. employees
  • A sound mind in a sound body – the name speaks for itself; the direction incorporated health and fitness activities, involvement into sports
  • School of achievements – training and development of the personnel
To bring all of these into reality, various methods and instruments were implemented, depending on what would be most effective for each given task in each project. 

Completion of the "I.T. Olympics" project bundle allowed the company to successfully get through the challenges and fulfill the responsibilities to their clients. Despite serious workload and difficult tasks and degrading economics, the employees demonstrated cheerful attitude and high commitment to success, allowing to realize Sochi projects in full, even with extremely tight deadlines, as well as to fulfill our responsibilities to other clients with flying colors." 

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