First Cargo Company updated its Process Business Model With Methodological Support From Logika BPM


First Cargo Company updated its Process Business Model With Methodological Support From Logika BPM
First Cargo Company had completed the project of updating of their current business model with the help of Logika BPM (I.T. Group), based on ARIS suite.

First Cargo Company JSC (FCC) is the largest railroad cargo delivery company in Russia.

The goal of the project is to design a foundation for gradual improvement of internal business processes in the company and improvement of cooperation with key contractors.

The contract for the project was awarded to Logika BPM, who had updated the process business model of the company and interviewed over 30 experts from different FCC departments.

The process model represents current state of business processes in the company (the as-is model), including so called "bottle necks" of the processes that require remodeling. The results enabled FCC to launch a number of projects aimed at improving critical business processes to achieve increase in operational efficiency.

One of the imperative goals of improvement stated by the management of the company was to optimize key processes of cooperation with clients during sales and service cycles (main commercial department processes) and to design requirements for automation necessary for consequent introduction of a CRM system.

Additionally, it is planned to begin developing the Process Office – integrated center of authority on process management and development of targeted process management model (the to-be model).

The project was complete in less than two months. For process modeling, the last version of ARIS 9 by Software AG was implemented.

"The project was a crucial step in rising efficiency of FCC operations" – said Sergey Shashurin, Vice Head of IT, First Cargo Company. "The results will be the foundation of consequent development of the business processes and automation of operation of the company."

"Development of a process model for one of the leaders in Russian logistics is significant" – adds Maria Kamennova, CEO, Logika BPM. "Optimization of FCC and rise of its operational efficiency will allow enterprises from other industries – FCC clients and partners – to increase their efficiency as well, which is critical for our country as of today."

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