Nordold Completes IT Structure Integration into Enterprise Communications


Nordold Completes IT Structure Integration into Enterprise Communications
Nord Gold N.V., international gold mining company (Nordgold, the company, LSE: NORD) announces completion of integration of its IT infrastructure into enterprise communications network. The contract for this ambitious project was awarded to I.T. Co. 

In order to increase operational efficiency and optimize management of assets, a unified informational environment was deployed in Nordgold HQ in Moscow and at 9 gold mines in Russia, Kazakhstan, Guinea and Burkina Faso. The unified IT infrastructure enables continuous communications and rapid data sharing between the employees and supports deployment of business systems of the company. 

I.T. Co. managed to simultaneously deploy commutating infrastructure over 10 geographically dispersed objects and completed the project in accordance with global quality standards.

The project was launched in Autumn 2013. I.T. Co. specialists have developed a technical plan for organizational and technical complex of software, computational and communicational solutions, detailed designs for system services and operating regulations. After that, system components were deployed on each object including city offices and mines, and inherited data was migrated to the new environment.

The model, designed according to IT Nordgold enterprise model, included: authentication and authorization service, DNS and DHCP services, enterprise email and antivirus security service. 

As a result, in the geographically dispersed company Nordgold, unification and standardization of IT service and data procession was completed fully. IT resource management was centralized by creating unified informational space for every Nordgold mine and office and centralization of data storage systems. In addition, IT service reliability was increased considerably by introducing data protection and IT software and hardware mirroring. In total, the infrastructure had united about 9000 employees of the gold mining company.

Victor Skorobogatov, Head of IT, Nordgold, said:

"Before the project was successfully complete, we were faced with challenges of introducing new business applications on every level of the corporation, because to deploy a unified IT system, one has to get their infrastructure prepared first. Our company, composing 9 enterprises, had inherited a diverse IT environment with no sole automation policy. Now, every Nordgold enterprise is integrated into a unified data transmission network, enabling rapid integration of centralized systems that simplifies solving business tasks and delivers IT services of established enterprise standard and level."

Mikhail Rechkunov, manager of the project, I.T. Co., commented:

"We were really interested in completing such an ambitious and important project, managing people and processes in different time zones and parts of the world. From different points, differently atomized and under different laws, we have composed a unified IT infrastructure developed using best world practices." 

About Nordgold
Nordgold (LSE: NORD) is an independent international gold mining company founded in 2007, with its GDR traded at London Stock Exchange. The company had rapidly expanded thanks to obtaining new and developing existing assets, reaching record growth terms for the industry. In 2013, Nordgold overall gold production reached 924 thousand ounce, compared to 717 thousand in 2012.
The company controls 9 operating mines, 2 development projects, 4 localized resource projects and a huge portfolio of geological surveillance projects and licenses in Russia, Kazakhstan, Burkina Faso, Guinea and French Guiana. Currently Nordgold employs about 10 000 people.

To find additional information about Nordgold, visit: www.nordgold.com

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