RINTEKH presents "Health Monitor" in Moscow, Kazan and Astana


RINTEKH presents "Health Monitor" in Moscow, Kazan and Astana
During less then a month, RINTEKH Company (affiliate of I.T. Group) had participated in four important sector wide events in health care, taking part in Moscow, Kazan and Astana (Kazakhstan).

Among them was "IT in Medicine", annual specialized conference and exhibition (October 9-10). This year was the 15th anniversary of the event, traditionally held at "Kosmos", a Moscow hotel. Today, the event is valued by the community and is attended by heads of health care and medical organizations from all around Russia, as well as related professionals.

The conference included an exhibition of innovative solutions where RINTEKH had their own booth. There, the company presented their flagman product, "Health Monitor" remote human health monitoring system.

Few days prior, Rogachev Federal Research and Medical Center held "Virtual Medicine", 55th meeting of RAMS IT workgroup, Sergey Kuptsov, CEO, RINTEKS, had made a speech on "Informational Model of Remote Human Health Monitoring System". In addition, "Health Monitor" booth was deployed to present "mHealth Virtual Medicine" software products to the participants.

In the last days of September, Astana welcomed 11th International Kazan Health Care Exhibition, "AstanaZdorovie 2014". The list of attendees included 106 companies from 15 countries: Kazakhstan, Russia, Belarus, Belgium, UK, Germany, Italy, China, Latvia, Pakistan, Poland, Turkey, Ukraine, Korea and Japan.

RINTEX, one of the exhibitors, had presented the "Health Monitor" remote human health monitoring system, attracting huge interest from guests and participants alike. Remote human health monitoring system is a part of "Smart Medicine" concept and is a priority in the "Republic Health Care Iformatization by 2020" concept.

Almost the day before (September 24-26), Kazan held 'Russian National Cardiology Congress 2014". On the exhibition during the event, RINTEKH had presented "Health Monitor", interactive recovery management service utilizing personal human health controls in three main branches: Cardiology, Endocrinology and Pregnancy Control. The presentation had attracted both leading cardiologists and personal health care device developers.

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