Third success of I.T. Group with TekhUspeh


Third success of I.T. Group with TekhUspeh The results of TekhUspeh, the third national top list of rapidly growing Russian hi-tech companies, are released to public. I.T. Group made it into the Top-10 of the largest Russian companies. 

TekhUspeh list was founded by Russian Venture Company (RVC) in partnership with Association of Innovative Regions of Russia (AIRR), PwC and MSP Bank. The list honors the leaders among rapidly developing Russian hi-tech companies potentially capable to be crucial to development and modernization of Russian industry and technology. The results of the list were traditionally published at "Open Innovations" Moscow International Innovative Development Forum.

The qualifications for the participants included certain minimal average share of investments into R&D and innovations (at least 5% during past 3 years) and introduction of at least one considerably improved or new service or product to Russian market during past 3 years. This year, 110 companies have applied for the list, with 80 qualified. 

Today, I.T. Group is a multi industry IT holding that not only shows stable business development, but also actively invests its incomes into research and development and supports promising startups. One of those is a project of remote health monitoring system, carried out by I.T. Group in cooperation with the Information Systems of Human Health Monitoring Scientific Center, HSE. The project focuses on human health data monitoring automation and data analysis, identification of controlled disease development, and organization of emergency reaction during critical drop of health readings. These challenges are presented to a standalone Remote Monitoring and Emergency Reaction Center (RMERC) based on the Automated System of Remote Human Health Monitoring (ASRHHM). 

Another innovative I.T. Group project of the last years was MobileSputnik, a new Russian system for enterprise mobile IT infrastructure. This unique Russian product, developed as a response for the growing need in enterprise mobility, delivers secure access and editing of office documents located on local corporate file resources via any mobile device. Today, its functionality is unmatched. 

In addition, I.T. Co is the developer of a number of high tech products most of which became very popular in the Russian market and are successfully used by thousands national companies. These include ECM Logics system (ex-BOSS Referent), I.T. Oil fuel filling stations and duel depots management system, Security Vision enterprise IS monitoring and management system, BOSS Kadrovik automated HR management system etc. 

"Third TekhUspeh system had shown the maturity of Russian innovative enterprises, penetration of young and innovative teams into hi-tech markets. Apart from outstanding IT projects, we have spotted even commercial space project among the runners and winners.
Another important current trend is that Russian products and technologies are aimed at not only Russian, but at the global market as well. This is right, as it is nearly impossible to deliver a high quality competitive product with no global ambitions! I am certain that in the closest future both I.T. Co. and other TekhUspeh finalists' products will be the word of the day in related industries both in Russia and globally" – mentioned Tagir Yapparov, CHB, I.T. Group.

About TekhUspeh
TekhUspeh list was founded by Russian Venture Company (RVC) and Association of Innovative Regions of Russia (AIRR) in partnership with PwC audition and consulting company.
The goal of the list is to determine the best small and medium Russian businesses oriented at innovation development that demonstrate huge growth potential on Russian and global markets. Today, TekhUspeh list is an indicator of a kind for the level of development of the innovative sector of the economy, the instrument forming the atmosphere required for further growth, increase in market transparency and identification and distribution of bet business practices.
New TekhUspeh list was compiled by RVC partnered with AIRR in 2012. In 2013, PwC network joined the partnership, and, drawing from its international experience, have developed an improved rating methodology. In 2014, MSP Bank had joined the project.
In 2014, a professional club for the participants was formed – a forum for increasing opportunities in communication, improving top management competence and organizing international dialog.
You can find additional information about the list on this site: www.ratingtechup.ru

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