Automation of 8 ha Large Kazakhmys POL base in Kazakhstan


Automation of 8 ha Large Kazakhmys POL base in Kazakhstan
I.T. Smart Systems have completed an automation project for Kazakhmys Group POL base in Kazakhstan Republic.

In order to fuel facilities of the largest mining enterprise Kazakhmys, including Jezkazgantsvetmet production facility, in 1994 there was constructed a large POL base. Since the launch, the base was fully repaired or automated in a whole technological loop. In time, the production of the base grew considerably, number of logistical units and vehicles grew, and need for a complete overhaul had presented itself. 

The core principle of the overhaul was to provide steady supply of fuel while delivering dynamic operation, high quality of service and reliable records of work, which is only possible to achieve with complex automation of every business process. To face this challenge, I.T. Smart Systems was chosen, with their "I.T. Oil: Oil Plant" solution, which combines functionality of technological equipment management (Siemens consumption indicators, loading arms, level detectors, counters etc. with no need for an additional SCADA system) and operative recording, management and document flow organization with access to oil plant operational data from Jezkazgantsvetmet office.

During the automation, equipment management procedures were developed for every stage of oil processing, document flow, record keeping and personnel of the base. The automation of the POL base is not the first project of I.T. Smart Systems in Kazakhstan by a long shot. Vast experience in complex automation at POLs in Russia and CIS and professionalism of I.T. Smart Systems allowed to automate Kazakhmys POL in just six weeks.

About Kazakhmys PLS
Kazakhmys PLS company specializes on copper production and, with the earliest of its assets running since 1930, is one of the leading international mining and procession companies. Operating in Kazakhstan, Kazakhmys is registered in London, Kazakhstan and Honk Kong stock exchanges. Kazakhmys is the largest copper producer in Kazakhstan and one of the largest in the world.
For more information visit the website: http://www.kazakhmys.com/ru

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