I.T. Smart Systems Installed Process Management System for Industrial Warehouse at Ariant Agriholding's new facility


I.T. Smart Systems Installed Process Management System for Industrial Warehouse at Ariant Agriholding's new facility
I.T. Smart Systems have automated "Fabrika Myasnoi Gastronomii", a unique meat works by Ariant Agriholding. The project for operational process management system for an industrial warehouse was a part of construction of a huge complex in Fedorovka, Chelyabinsk oblast, built from the ground up in record time and unique not only to Ural, but to Russia as a whole.

"Fabrika Myasnoi Gastronomii" is a close cycle meat processing plant employing over 600 people. Covering 1.5 ha, there are not only production buildings, but also its own power unit, treatment facilities, a boning plant, a garage, a spice warehouse and a logistics center. During each stage of the construction, leading European specialists applied their know-hows to the project, e.g.: "smart" system of industrial cooling, or fully automated production processes. The complex will be producing products of the highest global standards.

I.T. Smart Systems were faced with a formidable challenge: to develop and implement an automated system for operational process management for industrial warehouses, from production planning to production shipping.

The control loop included: production planning, operative production management, and distributive production warehouse automation, logistics management on the premises.

The developed and integrated system features unique technology of product retrieval form beltlines that allows to increase cargo flow intensity on the end production warehouse. Thanks to the automated system and implemented technology, the plant can process and ship over 150 tons of end product per day.

Another interesting point is that the system is integrated with a variety of cutting edge equipment for operative management and automatic identification, including mobile data collection terminals, stationary dashboards, digital weighting scales, RFID and bar code scanners and printers. The project also featured – for the first time in Russia – installation and industrial integration of the latest Motorola product, bioptical scanner/weighting scales MP 6000.

I.T. Smart Systems services were highly praised by the customer and the position of a strategic partner for Ariant Holding is a proof to that. 

Andrey Aksenov, CEO, Ariant Argiholding, said: "When we began the construction of the meat processing facility, we have decided to implement the best cutting edge technology there are in the world. We wanted to create real production of 21st century, to be ahead of the competition by two or three decades. And we have managed to do just that by inviting the most advanced contractors available. I.T. Smart Systems is the best of them all! That was their specialists who have proven that our most adventurous dreams and fantasies can come true with I.T. Smart Systems. To be in the lead, to be unique, and to be absolutely timely with the deadlines – this is the approach that stands very high indeed.

About Ariant Holding
Ariant Holding is a group specializing in meat and alcohol production. Ariant Agrofirm is the leader in meat industry in Ural Federal district. They have a full production loop implemented: starting with their own raw material supplies and ending with end product retail. The holding owns a network of 200 branded neighborhood stores. They offer over 300 items of meat, sausage and specialty products of their own production. For more information visit the website: http://ariant-agro.ru/ 

A video about opening of the "Fabrika Myasnoy Gastronomii" facility is available here: http://ariant-agro.ru/company/news/otcritiefabriki/

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