I.T. Smart Systems Automating Two Jemchujina-S Gas Stations


I.T. Smart Systems Automating Two Jemchujina-S Gas Stations
I.T. Smart Systems company had completed automation of two gas stations by Jemchujina-S Group at Zlatoustye, Chelyabinsk oblast. The customer had praised the results and will be implementing "I.T. Oil" system on every automated gas station.

Because of the plans to expand the automated gas station network, Jemchujina-S Group had to completely renovate vendor management systems with the trends of oil and oil products logistics, customer focus and high security kept in mind.

To face the challenge of automated gas retail, a tender was held for an automated system for this gas station type. The tender was won by I.T. Smart Systems "I.T. Oil", a feature-rich, agile, adaptive solution with high level tech support. Another important factor affecting the choice was prolonged successful experience of I.T. Smart Systems in gas, petrol and oil station automation and oil product supply management optimization in RF and CIS.

I.T. Smart Systems specialists have reviewed the objects of automation and related corporate systems for following integration of "I.T. Oil" into them. The next stage of the project was implementation of necessary changes into the system to suit the needs of the customer and implementation of the solution itself. In addition, both automated gas stations were equipped with self service terminals, control cabinets and video and audio surveillance for remote monitoring and management of the objects from the integrated Jemchujina-S Group Control center that operates the gas station network.

The gas station automation project was completed in 2 months. Jemchujina-S Group plans to actively develop automated oil products retail using "I.T. Oil" solution on both new and existing gas stations.

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