Alfa-Bank completes first stage of works on the implementation of Pega PRPC business process management system


Alfa-Bank completes first stage of works on the implementation of Pega PRPC business process management system
Alfa-Bank has completed the first stage of works on the implementation of the Pega PRPC business process management system. The works were performed by I.T. Co. The project is aimed at increasing the efficiency of managers who work with payroll customers and is interesting because it was implemented under the SCRUM methodology for the first time in Russia. 

The process of attracting customers to payroll projects includes several main phases: introduction of new customers into the system, attracting a customer to the payroll project (communications of various types), acquisition of a customer (collection of documents and opening of accounts). The PegaRULES Process Commander (PRPC) platform was more or less ideal for automating all the above-mentioned tasks. According to independent experts, this solution of the Pegasystems company is one of the best BPM (Business Process Management) class systems for financial institutions. 

The essence of the SCRUM methodology is that a new functionality - added to the system since its last demonstration - is shown to the customer several times per month. Moreover, the requirements are specified during the whole implementation cycle, which allows consideration of any changes of business priorities and prompt elimination of errors and discrepancies in the requirements, and, most importantly, achievement of incredible involvement of both business and IT. In the global practice of Pega PRPC introduction, this approach is regarded as a de facto standard, but in Russia this practice is not widespread.
In spite of the well-known saying about the first pancake, the project was successful, and this was proven by its initial results, i.e. Alfa Bank successfully launched Pega PRPC.

"For us, implementation of this process management technology is very important because it increases the efficiency of our efforts and helps us achieve our business objectives in a more reliable and proper way from an IT and business perspective. In our joint project with I.T. Co., I'm pleased with the speed and quality of work as well as our partners' initiative in the course of implementation," said Martin Piletsky, Head of Information Technologies, Alfa-Bank

"The project is interesting, first of all, due to the fact that I.T.'s specialists were the first in Russia to use a flexible development methodology in the implementation of Pega PRPC. Therefore, some people trained during the project on their own (in practice) as well as by involving foreign trainers from the vendor," noted Alexey Lapshin, Director of the Engineering Service Center, I.T. Co. "We set out to create a system not as outside consultants but as if we were doing it for ourselves, and due in part to this, the project was a success and was highly praised by the customer."

About Alfa-Bank
Alfa-Bank was founded in 1990. Alfa-Bank is a full-service bank, performing most of the main types of banking transactions present in the financial services market, including serving private and corporate customers, investment banking business, leasing, trade and structured financing. 
Alfa-Bank is the largest private bank in Russia in terms of its assets, owned capital, credit portfolio, and customer accounts. According to 2013 financial statements, the total assets of the Alfa-Bank banking group, including Alfa-Bank OJSC, the bank's subsidiaries, and financial companies, were USD 48.6 billion, total capital was USD 4.8 billion, total credit portfolio was USD 34.0 billion. The net profit in 2013 was USD 900 million. 
As of January 1, 2014, Alfa-Bank serves about 109,000 corporate customers and 10.6 million private individuals. In Moscow, the regions of Russia, and abroad, 617 bank divisions and branches are open, including a subsidiary bank in the Netherlands and financial subsidiaries in the USA, Great Britain, and Cyprus. 
For more information visit: http://alfabank.ru/ 

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