I.T. Departmental Systems participates in Innovation Day of the Ministry of Defense


I.T. Departmental Systems participates in Innovation Day of the Ministry of Defense
On August 4-5, 2014, the second international expo Innovation Day of the Ministry of Defense was held at the Alabino firing range in Moscow region, where leading developers and manufacturers demonstrated their latest ideas and inventions in science and manufacturing. I.T. Departmental Systems presented several of its own developments that are capable of automating a portion of the processes in defense industry enterprises and the Russian Army.

The company presented a personnel management system with a terminal of real-time access for managing personnel and calculating service pay, as well as systems for managing oil depots and networks of fuel filling stations. In addition, the company presented a solution for automating the processes of recording, controlling, and maintaining an inventory of property and for solving stock management and logistics tasks.

A specially-built solution for the Russian armed forces is a multi-functional electronic card for military personnel, designed to provide targeted state and agency-level services to a military person both during their military service and upon discharge. The card ensures a personal account of all aspects of a military person's life: their biometric and demographic data, information about military training, equipment and gear, meals, health, job, criminal record, etc. 

At Innovation Day of the Ministry of Defense 2014, more than 1,500 exhibits presented by 300 enterprises were on display. Participants of the international expo included federal agencies of the executive branch, state corporations, leading companies of the Russian defense industry complex, research and development institutes, civil and military higher education institutions, manufacturers of weapons and military equipment, and others. 

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