BOSS. HR Systems demonstrate their innovative developments to the military


BOSS. HR Systems demonstrate their innovative developments to the military
BOSS. HR Systems took part in the annual Innovation Day of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, held on August 4-5 at the Alabino firing range (Moscow region). At the exposition, arranged jointly with I.T. Departmental Systems, they presented a protected terminal for real-time access to the BOSS-Kadrovik system, as well as a mobile workstation for soldiers. 

"Today special attention is given to the introduction of the most innovative Russian-made technologies into the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. Participation in Innovation Day was an excellent opportunity to demonstrate recent developments in the area of personnel management to a qualified and interested audience. We are convinced that BOSS-Kadrovik-based systems can become a reliable source of support for the Russian Army's human resources management," said Evgeny Kuchik, Director General of BOSS. HR Systems.

The protected terminal of real-time access on the BOSS platform provides command and subordinate personnel with the required information of personal records (inquiries and statements, reports, conclusions, contracts, service records) in the established form. This allows drastic speeding up of the execution of documents required during military service and upon its completion and also allows a significant decrease in the routine load on the human resources department of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation. 

The soldier's mobile workstation represents an effective tool for processing personnel data in the field. The shock-, dust- and water-resistant body, certified cryptographic modules, as well as element-resistant components provide the ability to conduct comprehensive personnel management work during prolonged military exercises, distant campaigns, and military actions.

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