I.T. Co. and Skolkovo reach a new stage of partnership


I.T. Co. and Skolkovo reach a new stage of partnership
I.T. Group and the Skolkovo Foundation signed an agreement on the creation and location of the Research and Development Center in the Skolkovo Innovation Center. This initiative was the next step in the development of a partnership between the parties, who have been collaborating productively for several years.

Plans are that the Research and Development Center created by I.T. Group in Skolkovo will first concentrate on a set of key areas, including corporate mobility, systems for working with structured and non-structured data, cloud computing, security, processing and analysis of Big Data. In the future, this list can be significantly expanded and adjusted. The research and development and engineering works will be implemented by the Center within the framework of I.T. Group's projects as well as upon the order of third parties.

Currently, two subsidiaries of I.T. Co. are Skolkovo residents. One of them is MobilityLab, the developer of the MobileSputnik specialized solution, designed for organizing corporate mobile workstations. The other is UnicloudLabs, the provider and developer of cloud services in the sphere of business informatization and provision of legally important electronic document flow with counteragents. In addition, a project for Life Button medical alarms, founded in 2010 by graduates of Skolkovo's full-time MBA program, has been successfully developed within the framework of I.T. Group.

Tagir Yapparov, Chairman of the Board of Directors of I.T. Group: "Since its founding, I.T. Co. has paid great attention to the development of its own products, actively investing in R&D. In recent years, despite a difficult economic situation, our own development didn't decrease but on the contrary increased. In my opinion, the creation of our own products and solutions, including those oriented at the global markets, represent the right track for development of high-tech companies contributing to the establishment of the Russian IT market. The creation of the Skolkovo Research and Development Center is a logical step in the development of the R&D area of I.T. Group."

Ivan Kireev, Senior Project Manager of the Skolkovo Foundation's IT Cluster: "I.T. Co. becoming a partner of the IT cluster reflects our fruitful collaboration with Russian integrators in the development of innovations in the sphere of information technologies. The agreement means collaboration in various areas - mobile and cloud technologies, information security, Big Data, search and recognition systems. I.T. Co.'s unique experience in the sphere of professional software development allows the IT cluster residents to develop their own projects and create new joint projects at a qualitatively higher level."


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