Karo Film cinema chain adopts an innovation of Progressive Self-Service Systems


Karo Film cinema chain adopts an innovation of Progressive Self-Service Systems
Progressive Self-Service Systems (an I.T. Group) has developed innovative self-service terminals for the Karo Film cinema chain. The new devices know no equal in the Russian market and will soon appear in all of the chain's cinemas. The audience will greatly appreciate these terminals, as they will make the purchase of tickets fast, convenient and interactive.

Progressive Self-Service Systems acted as the project's chief design engineer and was responsible for the design and functionality of the terminals. Having vast practical experience in creating such devices, the company's specialists did their best to consider all the nuances and produce a truly high-quality and reliable solution. The functionality of the terminal allows not only the purchase of tickets but other necessary operations to be performed as well, e.g. redeem tickets that were reserved online, pay for 3D glasses, etc.

The device was developed in close collaboration with Samsung, whose professional Samsung LED panel is used as the display, as well as with the developer of specialized software - the VISTA company. This collective approach to the resolution of specified tasks allowed the creation of an excellent solution for the consumer market.

The project implemented by Karo Film is unique for Russia. It is the latest development for customer service, which has not been widely applied in the country. "In addition, the area of application of this terminal can be significantly expanded as it is easily adapted for solving various business tasks in the self-service sphere," said Galy Yapparov, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Progressive Self-Service Systems.

"We are extremely pleased that such an innovative solution has been introduced in our network, the devices are implemented at the highest possible level. This is the latest but not the last step in improving the quality and speed of serving our guests. Our constant objective is to increase the quality of our services, which our partners help us with," said Alyona Sukhotina, Commercial Director of the Karo Film cinema chain. "We are happy to improve the customer-oriented aspect of our services because the introduction of these devices allows the company to achieve the most advanced level of service to our guests."

About Karo cinema network
Karo cinema network, founded in 1997, set new standards for movie theaters in Russia. Currently, Karo is one of the leading cinema networks in Russia, managing 28 modern cinemas (189 screens) in Moscow, Moscow region, St. Petersburg, Samara, Kazan, Kaliningrad, Ekaterinburg and Surgut, which are visited by more than 12 million people per year.
On June 1, 2013, Karo network became the first fully digital cinema network in Russia, providing the audience with the highest possible level of movie screening.
Additional information is available at www.karofilm.ru

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