I.T. Co. reconstructs data processing center for MGTS


I.T. Co. reconstructs data processing center for MGTS
I.T. Co. has completed DPC reconstruction for MGTS. After replacing all engineering systems, the modern data processing center is able to provide an effective platform for access to the newest services of the oldest and largest telecommunication company in Moscow.

With the deployment of new services in Moscow, as well as implementation of advanced telecommunication technologies and digital platforms, the load on the existing data processing center of the Moscow City Telephone Network (MGTS) has dramatically increased. Therefore, MGTS's top management decided to upgrade the complex of information and engineering systems.

The tender for reconstruction of MGTS's DPC was awarded to IT, which has extensive expertise in the creation of information and engineering infrastructure at various scales.

To fulfill its tasks, the customer chose Schneider Electric engineering equipment and Systimax structured cable system.

Modernization of the existing DPC included full cleanup of the server room 200 m2 in area and removal of former engineering systems while preserving the opportunity of their further use, after which new DPC support systems were installed.

The works were completed to reveal a modern DPC with capacity featuring:
  • ventilation and air conditioning system
  • power supply system
  • structured cable network system
  • video surveillance system
  • access control and management system
  • automated fire alarm system
  • automated gaseous fire suppression system
  • fire warning and evacuation management system
  • monitoring system
  • various architectural and construction solutions
In order to implement the project successfully and ensure seamless operation of MGTS services, before modernization I.T. Co. specialists provided a temporary solution for installation of existing server equipment in other premises of the IT block. It allowed the working capacity of the DPC to be maintained during its upgrade and ensured reliable access to the company's telecommunication services.

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