I.T. Co's triplet at the European Business Congress


I.T. Co's triplet at the European Business Congress
Being an active member of the European Business Congress (EBC), I.T. Co. regularly takes part in its events. The organization's 17th annual meeting was held on May 29-30, 2014 in Athens, Greece. Gazprom board chairman Alexey Miller made an opening speech. His presentation was dedicated to modern trends in the European and global gas markets, including views on the popularization of gas engine fuel.

As usual, scheduled meetings of all seven EBC committees were part of the agenda. I.T. Co. participated in four of them. Our company's delegates included Elena Gutseva, Business Applications Deputy Director, Sergey Kuptsov, Vice President, and Sergey Denisov, Business Development Director. 

At the joint meeting of the "Industry and Construction" and "Human Resources, Education and Science" committees, Elena Gutseva made a speech on the creation of safe working conditions in the production, transportation and sale of gas engine fuel. She focused on I.T. Co's developed solutions that make it possible to reduce risks and enhance the operational efficiency of gas enterprises at all stages of gas engine fuel's life cycle: production, transportation, and retail and wholesale. 

The presentation "Remote Monitoring of Health Indicators" by Sergey Kuptsov was part of the session of the Environment and Health Care Committee. He described another solution developed by I.T. Group, which allows for remote monitoring of a person's vital health indicators and significantly increases the efficacy of disease prevention (including job-related diseases), thereby reducing the financial burden of medical issues on organizations. 

During the session of the Information and Communications Committee, Sergey Denisov spoke about the creation of an optimal system and technical infrastructure for oil and gas companies based on Microsoft solutions. His speech focused on I.T. Co's approach to the implementation of complex automation projects for oil and gas companies with geographically-dispersed infrastructure. 

All presentations made by I.T. Co. representatives received a warm response from the audience, demonstrating their relevance and the prospects of the discussed solutions. 

According to Elena Gutseva, "I.T. Co. pays a lot of attention to participation in EBC events. It's a unique platform that allows us to directly address the top managers of Gazprom - our strategic customer. We are happy that we were able to make such strong speeches and demonstrate our expertise in a wide range of business tasks. In the future, we are planning to keep up our pace and regularly inform our customer about the areas of automation in which we can successfully cooperate."

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