Joint stock company Transneft optimizes operation with primary financial documents


Joint stock company Transneft optimizes operation with primary financial documents
Joint stock company Transneft deployed a solution for stream input and electronic storage of primary financial documents. The "Digital data warehouse logic. Financial documents" solution has been developed on the ABBYY and IBM FileNet platforms by an I.T. company group unit.

Following the IT strategy JSK Transneft carried out a pilot project of corporate electronic archive creation, during which operation with primary financial documents was optimized. An important goal of a new IT solution implementation was automation of primary records processing by creation of electronic storage of document scan copies and realization of operation with electronic copies.

The implemented system includes stations for scanning, recognition and verification of documents, based on the ABBYY solutions, and document electronic archive systems, built on the IBM FileNet platform. The system was deployed in JSC "North Western Main Pipelines" and its supporting branch office Transneft Finance Limited in Kazan. More than 1000 users currently work in the system.

Implementation of a new solution changed the company's main business processes of financial documentation operation: from receiving primary records from contractors, their execution and input of information to the accounting system to filing of records and transiting of files to the archive for permanent storage.

As a result of the project, the electronic archive of primary financial document scan copies was created, connected to the accounting system. The new system simplified searching for necessary documents both for daily usage and for their provision by request of controlling authorities. Flexible separation is realized for access to employee’s documents, who take part in the document processing life cycle at various stages.

One of the essential components of the project was integration of an electronic archive with the company's accounting system (on the base of the "Galaktika" system), which allowed pre-population of a part of attributives in the accounting system on the basis of recognized scan copies of documents. The possibility to view the scan copies of documents directly in the accounting system interface and a possibility of the scan copies of documents mass processing (printing/uploading) from the accounting system appeared.

In the near future, the replication of the pilot solution to other subsidiary companies of the JSC Transneft is planned, which allows the company to create a common information space for input, registration and storage of financial documents, minimize labor efforts of accounting staff during preparation of reports by request of regulation authorities, and improve data access. 

"We have got reliable technology for the input, processing and storage of documents," said Ayrat Sadreev, Head of the JSC "North Western Main Pipelines" IT Department. "Now we are able to scan and transmit primary documents for processing directly from remote sites, which allows us to reduce costs for documents delivery."

"Effective technology support for changing the processes of primary financial documents processing and management is a key element for successful realization of such projects," said Georgy Podbutsky, Financial Director of Business Logic (I.T. Group). "Our solution, developed in cooperation with ABBYY and IBM, allows organization of stream input and provision of storage and management of large amounts of documents."

"Today a growing number of companies, which are oriented to boost business performance, are thinking about automation of data and the documents input process. Deployment allows prompt receipt of perceptible economic benefits and cover of investments in 6-9 months after realization of the project", says Dmitry Shushkin, Corporate Project Manager, ABBYY Russia.

"Business logic experts managed to build unique technology, which allows use of the best practices while solving the problem of financial documents electronic warehouse organization, taking into account customers individual characteristics," says Dmitry Laktionov, Head of the ECM-solutions Sales Department, IBM in Russia and the CIS. "This allows significant reduction of the terms of implementation and project risks, and also positively affects the final solution quality."

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