The I.T. Co. has created Building, Engineer and IT Competence Center


The I.T. Co. has created Building, Engineer and IT Competence Center
The brand new Competence Center has allowed bringing all expertise together in the field of creating information and engineer infrastructure for major construction projects, which has been boosted in recent years by I.T. Co. For example, in a few years I.T. Co. has developed a number of ambitious geographically dispersed infrastructural projects, including for the Olympic venues in Sochi, therefore conforming its competence as a unique integrator of different engineer and IT systems for the customers.

Today, I.T. Co. has all necessary competences and resources for realization of complex and large-scale engineer and IT infrastructure buildup projects in factory, administrative and public buildings: industrial facilities, transport infrastructure projects, business-centers, sports facilities, healthcare facilities, educational facilities, automated storage and archive facilities, hotel facilities and shopping centers. Taking into account the Competence Center plans to work in ambitious projects and considering the great responsibility during creation of major construction projects, I.T. Co. has increased liability limits several times in self-regulating organizations in work performance for design, construction, reconstruction and overhaul organization of capital construction projects. Moreover, I.T. Co's existing quality management system has been extended with new activities, and also its recertification according to ISO 9001:2008 has taken place. 

I.T. Co. realizes an entire range of works for design, installation, improvement and support of the objects IT infrastructure, including:
  • Communication networks: structured cabling, communication systems, full automation object systems
  • Power supply systems, electric lightning systems
  • Integrated security systems: security and warning alarm systems, access monitoring and control systems, closed circuit television systems
  • Fire safety equipment: automatic fire alarm systems, fire warning and evacuation systems
  • Specialized engineering systems: complex of engineering systems for data centers and situation rooms, transport facilities equipment systems, automated logistic centers and archives technological solutions
Years of experience in realizing of complex infrastructural projects, being both a contractor and a head contractor, allows the I.T. experts to take on equipment of major construction projects. Partner relationships with major equipment and innovative industry solution producers provide a high quality of suggested technical solutions. I.T. company cooperates with such vendors as: AMP, APC, Avaya, Bosch, Cisco, Conteg, HP, IBM, Lampertz, Legrand, Microsoft, Molex, Panduit, Polycom, Rittal, Rockwell Automation, Schreder, Siemens, Wilson, and Wonderware.

Andrey Sinyachenko, the technical director of the infrastructure solutions department of I.T. Co. has noted: "As a system integrator, which has efficient processes of project management and has at its disposition the necessary quality assurance and control system, the I.T. Co. has found application for these competencies connected to the IT field in construction projects. Construction is one of the most dynamic in development of sectors of the economy. Taking into account a country's long-felt need in modernization of major production capacities, many customers are thinking on how to carry out such modernization with maximum efficiency. 

So a necessity in a highly professional partner arises, which is capable both of rendering technological and organizational consulting services, and designing and then realizing a project on creation of unique and complex facilities at the junction of state-of-the-art construction and information technologies. The problem is that construction companies have learned to build fast and well, and IT companies have learned to automate built objects fast and well. But few constructors or IT market members are ready to dip into a combined area of expertise alien to them and to analyze possible ways for project realization. However, such analysis provides achievement of the maximum effect. We have already seen new opportunities for us and our customers in such approach and have set technical solutions for a number of projects, based on preliminary executed organization and technology consulting. 

Our additional unique peculiarity is that we are an integrator, capable of performing a federal project (i.e. in any federal region, and as may be required, in all regions at once, and we have had such projects). For this, we have created four engineer resource centers, located in different regions of Russia.

I.T. Co. throughout its existence has realized more than 1000 projects of objects engineer and IT infrastructure buildup, both as head contractor and subcontractor, and has deployed more than 1 million structured cable system ports, as well as has equipped more than 200 data centers and situation rooms. Moreover, the I.T. company is a developer of leading market products and solutions, including structured cable system I.T. SCS, passenger information system, intelligent traffic management system and other.

Perfect examples of engineer and IT infrastructure development, realized in during recent years, are: Domodedovo, Sheremetyevo airports (Moscow region), Olympic objects (Sochi), hotel facility ParkInn (Astrakhan), Tatenergo headquarter (Kazan), Sayano-Shushenskaya HPP (Krasnoyarsk Krai), Avtonormal plant (Ufa), Moscow subway, and Khakassky Aluminum Plant (Khakassia).

One of the I.T. Co. Building, Engineer and IT Competence Center projects was a project for development of the outer security zone in the Olympic Park in Sochi with technical security equipment, vehicle search checkpoints and entrance pavilions. At this venue, also deployed were: a structured cable system; LAN; video surveillance, access monitoring and control systems; security and warning alarm; fire warning and evacuation systems; automatic fire alarm; voice communication and master clock systems.

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