"Electronic lawyer" checks every contract online


"Electronic lawyer" checks every contract online
An innovative service has been launched on the Action Mediagroup portal, which offers the opportunity for anyone to examine every contract online day-and-night. The unique "cloud" service has been created on the basis of the I.T. company solution. The brand new system will become a reliable helpmate while working with legal documents and will help free up legal administrations from routine.

During the implementation of the joint project by Action and I.T. Co., a unique service has been developed for fast contract examination (https://dogovor.1jur.ru/), which simplifies the process of legal examination and reduces time to be spent on it by executing routine operations and reducing working hour outlay.

The brand new service is integrated into the "Systema Yurist" (Action Mediagroup solution) and uses the I.T. company development - "Legal expertise" as an intelligence engine.

Users can upload their contracts to "Systema Yurist" and all important information in documents will be displayed on screen. The system itself will highlight links, mistakes and risks and also will show a relation of contract clauses with the legal document base, activating links to all legislative acts noted in the contract. It is a simple matter to obtain an expert legal analysis: it is enough to drag a text document with a contract to a browser and the service will automatically analyze the text of a contract, specify its type, highlight and visualize all its key conditions, find risky provisions in the text and recommend how to improve the contract.

The service will recognize bank account details of the parties, and will define and check the contract structure. For example, references to other clauses and sections of the contract are widely met in contracts - the service will automatically highlight such places, and reference them, so it will be quite fast for the user to understand what the said section is referenced to. All key conditions - terms, money, parties of the contract, references of settlement, fine sanctions and other provisions of the contract, which are important for a lawyer, will be gathered together for practical data navigation. The service supports smart search, which allows finding a contract according to its name, number and contractors' details.

Dmitry Romanov, head of the center for intelligent search systems competencies and text analytics of I.T. Co., is talking on the unique technology, which combines artificial intelligence elements and possibilities of a professional analyst: "The integration project of our "Legal expertise" solution with the Action Mediagroup "Yurist" system is a successful and, above all, long expected service for routine work on contracts examination automation. It was interesting for us to realize this task along with the Action experts, and it is a unique pleasure that the brand new technology has obtained positive responses from users."

Sergey Sus, Action Development Director, comments on introduction of the new service: "We are pleased to offer to thousands of users of our resources a cloud service for legal expertize which is always at hand. There is nothing like it in Russia: where anyone at anytime can examine a required contract fast on the Internet without excessive labor, searching for required laws and possible errors."

About Action Mediagroup
The Action Mediagroup is the largest company in Russia in the area of professional media, and has more than 1,300 employees. It has its own administrative offices in more than 10 cities of Russia, and its partner network consists of more than 300 companies. The holding's products have more than 350,000 subscriber companies and several million readers. The Mediagroup produces 32 electronic editions, 4 help systems, 34 print media products and 38 mobile applications. Since 2006, Action has been rapidly developing online products and services.
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